Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients have questions concerning their stay here at Specialists. Below are answers to some common questions you may have.
What if I have a question about billing or insurance regarding my procedure?

If you have a question about your bill or would like to verify your insurance coverage, please contact:

Specialists Business Office

Billing / Insurance Verification

Where should we park?

Specialists Hospital Shreveport patient and visitor parking is on the west side of the campus.

What should I wear if I am scheduled for an outpatient procedure?

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting, easy to wear clothing.  If you are having a procedure on your shoulder or arm, we recommend a button down shirt.

What should I pack if I am scheduled for an inpatient procedure?

Our goal is to get you in your own clothing as soon as possible.  Please pack comfortable, loose fitting, easy to wear clothing and any toiletries you may require.  If you use a CPAP, bring it with you to the hospital. Please leave all valuables at home- this includes loved ones that choose to stay overnight.

How will I obtain my pre-admissions lab/EKG orders?

You will get your orders from your surgeon at the clinic or in the office.

When and where do I go to have my pre-admissions lab work completed?

You must complete your pre-admissions testing and lab work within (30) days of your scheduled surgery, but no less than (7) days prior to your surgery.

Specialists Pre-Admissions/ Laboratory

1500 Line Avenue, Floor 3
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101
318.213.3368 (o) 318.212.1146 (f)

Hours of Operation:

8am – 4 pm
No appointment necessary / closed weekends & holidays

If you live out of town or choose to have your pre-admissions testing completed somewhere other than Specialists, please make sure that your results are faxed or mailed to the Specialists Pre-Admissions / Laboratory at least 7 days prior to your surgery.

Why is increasing my water intake important?

We recommend you increase your water intake, and decrease your intake of caffeinated products (coffee, cokes/diet cokes) 2-4 weeks before your surgery.  Increasing your water intake will assist in administering your IV’s and increase your kidney function which will aid in some the side effects associated with undergoing general anesthesia. Remember that no food or water is to be consumed after the midnight hour of your surgery and not following this guideline could cancel your surgery.

What if I take blood thinners or am on a physician mandated aspirin regime?

It is important that you discontinue all blood thinners/ aspirin regime 7-10 days prior to your surgery. If you are not certain about what medications you should discontinue, be sure and ask during your Pre-Admissions testing and lab work or contact the Specialists Pre-Admissions Department and discuss what medicines you should discontinue and when.

Specialists Pre-Admissions/ Laboratory

318.213.3368 (o) 318.212.1146 (f)

What if I take medications, like blood pressure medicine, do I take it the morning prior to my surgery?

If you take blood pressure medication or have been instructed to take medications the morning of surgery, please take them with a small sip of water only.

When will I be notified of my surgery time?

You will be notified the afternoon before your scheduled surgery date. If you are scheduled for a Monday surgery, you will be notified the Friday before your surgery. To insure the best arrival time, the Specialists Scheduling Team must clear the surgery schedule from the previous day. Please make sure that the Specialists Pre-Admissions Department has the best contact information to confirm your surgery time.

Will I undergo general anesthesia?

The majority of all the surgical procedures performed at Specialists Hospital Shreveport utilize general anesthesia.  Shreveport Bossier Medical Center Anesthesiologists is utilized at Specialists Hospital Shreveport.  This group has a team of eight anesthesiologists and several certified nurse anesthetists. The eight anesthesiologists rotate through our facility on a weekly basis and have over 50 years combined experience.

I am from out of town, can you make any suggestions for local accommodations?

Specialists Hospital Shreveport has a special rate of $79 at the following locations:

Fairfield Place Bed & Breakfast

2221 Fairfield Avenue
Shreveport, Louisiana 71104
$79 nightly rate/ based on availability

Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino

315 Clyde Fant Parkway
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101
Group Name: Specialists Hospital
Group Code: SH04SHH
$79 nightly rate/ based on availability

To make a reservation, contact: Nicole Miller- 318.429.6869 or Mary Marshall- 318.429.5420

You must make your reservation through the numbers at the Special Sales/Reservations Office: if you contact Sam’s main reservation line or email, they cannot guarantee the special rate.

What is Specialists Hospital Shreveport’s visitation policy?

Specialists Hospital Shreveport has a 24/7 hour/day visitation policy.  Family and friends are welcome at any time.  Please note that the doors are locked at 6 pm nightly, on weekends and during the holidays.  All visitors must access the building at the Patient Drop Off, utilizing the Call Box during off hours to access the building.  The Call Box will ring the third floor nurses station and they will notify Specialists 24 hour Security to admit you.

What if I have a problem or concern after surgery, who do I call?

If it is an emergency or suspected emergency, please call 911 immediately. If you a have a general question or concern, please call your surgeons clinic. Both Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana and Spine Institute of Louisiana have a 24/7 call service. Any changes in treatment must be addressed by a physician… do not call the hospital, call your surgeon’s clinic.

Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana

1500 Line Avenue, Suite 100
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

Spine Institute of Louisiana

1500 Line Avenue, Suite 200
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

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