Specialists Specialists Pre Admissions / Lab Team

We are grateful that you have chosen Specialists for your upcoming surgery and will work diligently to make this initial transition from your surgeon’s clinic to the hospital a pleasant experience.  The Specialists Pre-Admissions/Laboratory is conveniently located on the third floor of our main campus located at 1500 Line Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana.  We appreciate the time and effort it requires to prepare for your upcoming surgery and although the process may sometimes seem tedious, we are here to help!

Specialists Pre-Admissions/Lab Checklist

Step One: You’re Scheduled for Surgery!

  • Obtain orders from your surgeon for your pre-admissions testing and lab work. This will more than likely include blood work and EKG and will probably be mailed to you directly from your surgeon’s clinic (Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana or Spine Institute of Louisiana).
  • Thirty days, but no less than seven days, before your scheduled surgery date, take your orders to the Specialists Pre-Admissions/Laboratory to be completed.
  • If your physician requests that you provide additional clearance from your family physician and/ or cardiologist, please submit by fax or mail prior to your surgery.
  • If you live out of town or choose to have your pre-admissions testing completed elsewhere, make sure that you have the results faxed or mailed at least seven days prior to your surgery to the Specialists Pre-Admissions/ Laboratory.

Step Two: You Are Coming to the Specialists Pre-Admissions/ Laboratory.

  • Check in at the third floor registration desk located at our main campus at 1500 Line Avenue. You will take the elevator located at patient drop off to the third floor.
  • Make sure you bring your orders and your completed paperwork that your surgeon has requested you to complete.
  • Have your photo ID and insurance card with you.
  • Bring your current medications and supplements in their original bottles. The Specialists Pre-Admissions Nurse will review with you and let you know when and what medications that you may need to discontinue using prior to your surgery.
  • Make sure you are well hydrated prior to your visit to the lab. Drinking water is best. You do not have to fast before completing your blood work at Specialists Pre-Admissions.
  • Come prepared with a book, tablet or laptop. The Specialists Pre-Admissions/Laboratory does not schedule appointments and patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis.

Step Three: Your Exam

  • o You will have blood drawn, an EKG will be performed and a possible urine sample may be requested. The results of these tests will be reviewed by your surgeon and the anesthesiologist.
  • o Review with the Specialists Pre-Admissions Nurse your current medications and make sure you verify if you are to discontinue and/or when to discontinue use of any medications and/or supplements. (i.e. blood thinners).
  • Make sure that the Specialists Pre-Admissions Department has the best contact information to confirm your surgery time.

PLEASE NOTE that the Specialists Pre-Admissions/ Laboratory will contact you the afternoon before your scheduled surgery date to confirm your surgery time. If you are scheduled for a Monday surgery, you will be notified the Friday afternoon before your surgery.

Directions to Specialists Pre-Admissions/Laboratory

Specialists Pre-Admissions Laboratory is located at our main campus at 1500 Line Avenue, Shreveport Louisiana on the third floor. To access the third floor, please use the elevator located at Patient Drop-Off on the first floor. You can map your visit via google or by visiting our website: specialistshospital.com


Parking is available at 1500 Line Avenue. Additional patient parking is available on the west side of the campus in our Elizabeth Avenue Lot.

Address and Hours of Operation:

Specialists Pre-Admissions/ Laboratory

1500 Line Avenue, Floor 3
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

318.213.3368 (o)
318.212.1146 (f)

Hours of Operation:

8am – 4 pm

No appointments necessary

Closed Weekends & Holidays

Pre-Admissions / Laboratory Questions

If you have any questions for our Pre-Admissions/Laboratory Department, please use the form below to contact us with your concerns.

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