Specialists Medical Records / Health Information Management Team

The Specialists Health Information Management Team is responsible for maintaining, storing and retrieving patient health information in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and accrediting agencies’ requirements. Some of the responsibilities of the Specialists Health Information Team  include:

  • Medical Coding- proper assignment of medical codes to allow for appropriate reimbursement by insurers and payers such as Medicare.
  • Medical Transcription- accurate and timely transcription of our patients’ medical records.
  • Physician Support- Making sure the Specialists Physicians are well informed of patient treatment requests and reviewing medical records to make sure they are in compliance with state, federal & private insurance standards. They communicate with the physicians regularly to remain compliant and improve physician documentation.
  • Assembly and maintenance of Medical Records- The HIM Team maintains an accurate, legal record of patients’ records, transcription of medical reports, submission of information for reimbursement, and accessibility to authorized entities requesting copies of medical records.
  • Patient Notifications and Disclosures- The HIM Department insures that there is appropriate documentation and access of hospitals policies are available to all patients.

Specialists Medical Records/ Health Information Management Team
1400 Line Avenue Shreveport, LA 71101

P 318.2133346  F 318.213.3357


If you would like a member from the Specialists Medical Records Team to assist you with obtaining a copy of your Specialists Medical Record or if you have questions regarding your records, please submit information to the form on the right.


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